Interning in Dovetail

Alan Jones.jpeg

Hello all! My name is Alan Jones and I’m a student Griffith College Dublin. This year between January and July I interned at Dovetail Technologies and I had an absolutely fantastic time!

From start to finish everyone at Dovetail was really friendly and welcoming and I was made to feel part of the team straight away. I got to work closely with most of the developers and learned so much from each, and became good friends with them all.

I worked with Python on a Wallplanner and an internal employee time tracker, Google Apps Script to develop an Employee Holiday Booking system, and C# .net on various projects. Mostly I worked on internal systems, but I did get a chance to work on some changes to the Luas Tax Saver website and IKEA's system.

After completing my internship with Dovetail I feel so much more prepared for getting a job in software development. It was a great experience, working on real, necessary projects and to see them up and running gives a great sense of achievement.

Dovetail has a relaxed working environment, with a casual dress code including shorts on hot days! We would often finish up early on a Friday to have office beers in the canteen, and we also went out for a few drinks for an occasion or simply because it was Friday!

All things considered, I strongly recommend taking an internship at Dovetail.