Martin Wallace

Martin has over 20 years commercial experience in the IT industry. He has developed mission critical software for the retail, wholesale and financial services sectors on Unix and Windows, using a range of languages and technologies.

Martin's IT career began in Musgrave/SuperValu/Centra where he was lead analyst, developer and team leader for its core group buying and central billing systems' development. These systems are used to manage pricing and ordering for wholesale and retail aspects of Musgrave's billion-euro business.

After Musgrave, Martin joined RTE, where he was the sole engineer responsible for modernising their enterprise financial system. This project, which took 18 months, received a commendation from PriceWaterhouse for coming in before time and under budget.

Martin then went on to become Technical Manager for RTE Interactive, overseeing its growth into Ireland's most popular free news and information site, before co-founding Dovetail Technologies in 2002.

Martin holds a degree in Computer Applications from the Cork Institute of Technology.