Our Values

Dovetail core values wall sign

Being clear about our values help us to act consistently. It lets our clients, suppliers and staff know what to expect from Dovetail.


Effective relationships and successful projects require clarity of thought, word and action. We pride ourselves on being open, honest and taking responsibility for understanding others as well as being understood.


We believe long-term, mutually beneficial relationships are key to leading rewarding lives and satisfying careers. We build relationships by looking after each other. We can and should all grow together, so it’s win-win or no deal.


We love doing things right. It takes skill, care, effort and pride to produce masterly work, and we value those who feel the desire to do a job well for its own sake.


While upholding our other values, we never lose sight of the pressure on people and companies to thrive in a commercial world. And we abhor waste!


In life, and particularly in this industry, one can’t afford to sit still. We believe all organisations and individuals should think about the future and prepare for it. We promote constant learning and improvement.


Dovetail offices, Dublin - Mossy Breen, Tomas Forde, Trevor Jobling
We work hard, we read magazines hard.