Dovetail helps IKEA take a bite of the Big Apple

Planning Studios are a new type of retail outlet that IKEA is opening across the globe.

The Manhattan studio is the first Planning Studio in the U.S., and up to 30 more are planned.

Customers can bring measurements of their space, or a list of the household items they’re struggling to organise into the store.  There the customer can work with an IKEA expert to come up with the best solution.

The Manhattan store features inspirational room settings focused on helping customers discover products and solutions suited for city living. It is where New Yorkers can get one-on-one help with kitchen design, bedroom projects, small space living solutions and so much more. Purchases made at the Planning Studio are conveniently delivered to customers’ homes.

Dovetail is providing a critical component of this new service: the system that lets customers make bookings, and manages the sales process for coworkers.

We’re helping ensure that busy New Yorkers get the service they need in the heart of the city.