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A day of Christmas beer!

We are having our Christmas party today, so there is a festive mood in our office in the GEC as we put up decorations while enjoying some office beers. There's nothing as refreshing as an office beer, that's a fact!

Ger, our new intern, has been taking up the slack on a few of our smaller projects and helping John triage support cases. This takes the pressure off our other developers and also doesn't throw Ger in too deep. Ger is also improving some of our internal management systems.

John has started working on some additional features for the RPA web apps. He also put some new features live for Blue Portal. Blue portal is run by Bandwidth and allows local councils to analyse foot and vehicle traffic using CCTV. Blue Portal is another one of our successful Intelligent Transport projects.

I have been continuing to work with the FSAI on 2 projects. We recently upgraded the FSAI website with a new version of Ektron. Website users wouldn't have noticed any changes, but the underlying Content Management System was long overdue an upgrade and the process went very smoothly. We are also working on a new iteration of the MenuCal system which will be launched early next year.

Most of Tomas' time over the past few weeks has been spent working with IKEA. We are preparing for a new version of the Kiosk system and he has been putting additional tracking into the system so we can measure performance and the user journey better. He has also been doing some smaller pieces of work with Acquirer Systems.

Sales and business development have taken up a lot of Martin and Trevor's time of late, as they prepare for 2015 and we line up new projects and clients. There is lots good news coming from them, but that will have to will remain hush-hush for now.

In other news, our beloved Pinchy has not been returning the love for us, as she's been trying to escape. Here is some footage of one of her attempts.

We're now running umbraco version 7

It took me a bit of time to upgrade certain part of the site (mostly the blog), but it was worth it as we're finally running our own website on the latest version of umbraco.

I posted about the release of version 7 almost a year ago. The main upgrade is to the backend UI which has been given an overhaul. There is new functionality we still need to take advantage here, but I'm liking what I've seen so far.

Umbraco version 7

Consulting, IKEA Kiosks, Ektron upgrade and Gift Vouchers

We've been working hard with a lot of our existing clients (CIS, IKEA, FSAI & Gift Voucher Solutions). The summer has kicked off and so have a lot of new projects.

Martin has been working with CIS over the past few weeks, he's been consulting on a technology strategy for their product platform (CISOnline). We plan to integrate cloud-based SAAS platforms with CISOnline which will result in a more efficient business process for CIS, allowing them to manage their ever-growing customer base.

A new Gift Voucher Solutions project has started, with John taking on his first end-to-end project here in Dovetail. He has been working closely with Dawn in GVS. They are doing a total overhaul of the existing system, with an emphasis on improving the Customer Experience (UX) and changing to a responsive design which will work much better on both mobile and desktop browsers.

UML Diagram for IKEA Family Kiosk Platform

Trevor and Tomás have been working on a new IKEA Project. This is Phase 2 of the IKEA FAMILY Kiosk project. After two years live with the current implementation, we have analysed, measured and learned. We are now applying this learning to "Phase 2". We are focusing on customer experience for the IKEA FAMILY member, trying to improve the customer journeys as they use the kiosks. We want to make these journeys more enjoyable, faster and clearer than before.

Greg was working separately on a small IKEA project which will be going live at the end of the month. Greg was also doing a lot of internal work, adding functionality to our customer support portal, and improving our internal reporting system "Hawkeye". Today is his last day, as he's taking some time off before heading back to college in September.

I have been floating around a bit, working with John on the User Experience design for Gift Voucher Solutions. I have also started an Ektron upgrade project for the Food Safety Authority of Ireland. We are upgrading their website Content Management System from version 8.0.2 to version 9.1.

This afternoon we'll be kicking off our summer office party and BBQ. It also doubles as a farewell to Greg and welcome drinks for John. We're fully stocked with beer and cider, so it should be a fun one.

Dovetail Beer delivery Craft beer delivery aided by Trev's sweet bike rack.

Launch: Irish Champions Weekend

We recently won the tender to develop a new website for Horse Racing Ireland on their Ektron CMS platform.

Irish Champions Weekend creates one of the richest weekends on the international racing calendar with over €3 million prize money across 16 races including 10 Group Races (5 Group 1s) over two fantastic days at Leopardstown and the Curragh on Saturday and Sunday, September 13th and 14th. 

After a few weeks work with HRI Marketing and IT, we have put the site live and we're delighted with it. Ektron as a platform was a breeze to work with and the client can now update the website using a tool with which they are already familiar.

Irish Champions Weekend

We took advantage of SmartForms within Ektron to allow the customer granular control of the content and making available on the website in a structured way. The site is built with Foundation and works well across all devices (Desktop, Tablet & Mobile).

Irish Champions Weekend.

Umbraco 7 is coming

In fact it's here, in RC mode. We haven't installed it yet, but we are very excited about some of the upgrades that come with newest version of Umbraco. Umbraco is our go to Content Management System and allows us to integrate with our custom software seamlessly for our clients.

Umbraco 7

We love umbraco. We've used it as our CMS since version 3. In fact, one of our clients still uses version 3 and it's still working perfectly for their needs. But over the years, the backend management site has become quite cumbersome and was definitely in need of an overhaul. The workflow for the backend starts to creak when a site/blog starts growing in size. The new version promises to solve a lot of those problems by using more of a wordpress style for handling large news archives or blogs.

Management of media and images is also drastically improved and we know that these features will be welcomed by a lot of our clients.

Our own marketing website (this one, the one you're reading right now) will likely be our testing ground to get used to the new UI and features of Umbraco 7. Once we're happy we can deliver it as part of great software solutions to our clients with it we will begin the rollout/upgrade.

EuroStar launch their 2010 Conference Programme

Congratulations to EuroStar Conferences who today launched their 2010 Conference programme. This year's conference promises to be even bigger and better than 2009, all helped by the administrative systems provided by Dovetail.

The website is running on the Umbraco CMS, a very easy to use open source content management system. We run a number of small sites with umbraco. We have also integrated this into a custom ecommerce system.

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