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Certified Microsoft Partners, IKEA Events go live and Sushi!

It has been another productive week here at Dovetail. We were helped, no doubt, by the addition of the new Aeron chairs, which were discussed extensively last week. They're still comfortable! 

As a result of Mossy and Tomás excelling in their Microsoft Certified Professional exams a couple of weeks ago, Dovetail has been upgraded to being Microsoft Silver Partners.

Microsoft Partner

To celebrate, we had a nice sushi lunch in the office from Michie Sushi in Ranelagh. (Martin's sister-in-law is from Japan and she says this is the best sushi around. And although the gyoza was good, Martin says it's not as good as Emi's!) 

Sushi for lunch

The IKEA project that we discussed in vague terms last week has gone live. IKEA Store Events allows stores to take bookings online for their free instore events. There aren't any events in Dublin this time around, unfortunately, but we'll let you know when they happen!

Martin, Garrett and Trevor spent a lot of the week architecting a tender proposal.  Drawings, sketches, whiteboarding - and lots of animated debate!

Martin and Tomás delivered the last set of requirements on the CIE (Dublin Bus and Bus Éireann) Leap Card Integrated Ticketing interface.  This system takes subscription data from CIE's bespoke Taxsaver System, transforms it into Leap Card ticket requests, interfaces with HP's Leap Card Access Point, then processes all responses in the other direction.  Built upon Garrett's LUAS library, testing has been successful and Dublin Bus and Bus Éireann will go live very soon...

Meanwhile, Trevor was in Wembley on Wednesday visiting IKEA. They were discussing the future of the Athena Kiosks project, and it all looks very exciting. I was hoping he'd bring back some oranges, but alas not this time.

OK, Mossy and Trevor have cracked open the Friday beer, it's time to sign off. Enjoy the weekend!

Dublin Hackathon


On February 24, policy experts, data owners and technical specialists gathered in the historic Wood Quay Venue for International Open Data Day.

The event kicked off with an open discussion amongst all present.  Projects were suggested and bounced around, before small teams were assembled and work began.

The event yielded several interesting systems, including:

- an Open Data Finder for the public to make and track data requests, by Peter McCanney's team

- the first spike of a Healthcare Dashboard, focusing on hospital waiting time, by Sara Burke, Garrett Heaver, John O'Brien and Conor Byrne

- a map of Ireland's political constituencies and voting histories, visualising the influence of each constituency's influence on election outcomes - akin to the US concept of "swing states" - by Robin Cafolla's team. (Check it out here.)

There were many other projects too and you can see them at the next Open Data Meetup on March 7.

Join us for our 10th Birthday after-work pints

We're proud to announce that this month Dovetail is 10 years old!

It's been a fantastic decade and one that we've really enjoyed.  We're very grateful to everyone who has helped us along the way, whether you are a customer, supplier, friend, family or colleague.

So we invite you to join us in McGrattan's Pub on Baggot Street for a pint and a laugh.

We'll be there (in the back room) from 5pm on Friday the 26th October.  There will be finger food so if you can even pop in for a quick hello please do.  We will of course be there till late.  Probably quite late indeed! :)

Mcgrattans Pub

  • McGrattan's on Baggot Street (http://www.mcgrattans.ie/)
  • Friday 26th October 2012
  • 5pm onwards (Blowing out the candles at 6:30)

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