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Indian outsourcers are now "insourcing"

I just came across this interesting article describing how Indian companies, providing offshore software development, are now hiring skilled staff in the US.  They are finding, on a large scale, that you have to carefully apportion work between onshore and offshore teams, and be aware that for many project all the work should be onshore.

In Dovetail we have experience working with off-shore teams, and we know when it works.  As Michael Murphy says in the article:

"The closer you get to true knowledge work, where experience and judgment is required, the closer you need to be to customers."

That's just what Dovetail does: providing that experience and judgement.  Several times we have been asked to (and did!) rescue projects that were sent offshore and foundered.  It's just part of the comprehensive range of services we offer related to custom software development projects.

Basic usability fail

I was in my local dry cleaners this morning.  I took a little professional interest in the software system they use to run the place.  It's a Windows desktop system, running Winforms.

The screen for receiving a new item of clothing has a section where the user selects the colour of the item by clicking a button.  It looked just like this:

Dry Cleaning Screen Bw


Who on earth designed that?  How did they not think it would be a nice idea to use a little colour?

Dry Cleaning Screen Color

HRH captured by Mossy Breen

Congratulations to Dovetailer Mossy Breen who captured a fantastic picture of Queen Elizabeth as she surveyed the Guinness Enterprise Centre.  Well done Mossy!

HRH, The Queen of England seen in the Gravity Bar, Dublin in May 2011

Triton Showers get new stock control system

Triton Showers Ireland has taken delivery of a Dovetail-built application for tracking their stock. This system is accessed by their engineers and provides Triton with realtime control of stock-levels. This system integrates with the managed service calls application which Dovetail previously supplied to Triton.