The Dovetail Blog

Voucher system rolled out to Scotland

Dovetail are pleased to announce that TicketScotland has taken delivery of a customised version of our Sweetsell Voucher System. The system is a key aspect of the business as they expand in the UK market. We wish them every success for the future.

The Resistance Tour is launched

The Resistance Tour was launched last week with the objective of promoting smoking awareness amongst the youth. This innovative multi-platform campaign leverages Music, Web, Mobile, Bluetooth and Social Networking to reach its audience and gigs are being organised all over Europe to spread the message - Join the Resistance!

Hazardous waste controlled and tracked by SRCL

After a successful trial period, waste processing giant SRCL went live using their new hazardous waste tracking system developed by Dovetail. The application, named SteriTrack, is saving staff many hours a week, while also increasing the accuracy of reporting and the efficiency with which containers are loaded.  This is a mission-critical system for SRCL, managing the operations at the very heart of their business in their Bluebell plant.  It affects every area of the business including safety, compliance, customer service, planning and billing.  This significance of this development reflects the growing partnership between Dovetail and SRCL.

A EuroSTAR is born!

EuroSTAR is Europe's premier conference for software testing professionals. It now has a new hub on the internet, developed by Dovetail. The site caters for delegates, speakers, sponsors and organisers, providing everyone with the information the need, quickly and easily. It also provides a virtual home for the conference's community to interact during the year between conferences.

Takeda tame texts

Takeda Ireland, the Irish subsidiary of Japan's largest pharmaceutical company, operates in a demanding regulatory environment. The challenge of always remaining compliant became a little easier today when Takeda took delivery of a custom tool for managing their controlled documents. The system provides an easy to use central repository of document versioning information. Document numbers, revisions and audit histories are tracked through the system ensuring Takeda's compliance officers can be sure everyone is working of the correct document.

Realex Payments commission utility library

We are proud to announce that Dovetail has been selected by for distribution to the development community.  Realex will distribute this to help developers integrate their systems with Realex's even faster and more easily than before. This reflects the high regard that Realex has developed for Dovetail's technical skills over the years.

CIS builds on success

Construction Information Services (CIS) has returned to Dovetail to further increase the functionality offered by its online product. Dovetail has enhanced their custom built market intelligence system so users can now search all planning application submissions, both in the Republic and Northern Ireland. This continued investment by CIS reflects the success that the system, developed by Dovetail, has brought.

EuroSTAR commission bespoke web portal

EuroSTAR, organised by Qualtech Conferences of Galway, is Europe's largest software testing conference. Qualtech has commissioned Dovetail to develop a new online presence and booking system to manage the ever increasing demand for the conference, while also simplifying the organisation of the event.  Phase Two of the this development will see the development of a portal to facilitate the large community that has grown around the conference in its 17 year history.