The Dovetail Blog

Luas Smartcard discount codes launched

For a short time only, LUAS Smartcards are available at a discount. Dovetail has supplied the Rail Procurement Agency with a voucher-code system for its Smartcard eCommerce site. Visit the Luas Smartcard site to take advantage of this offer.

Dovetail deliver Risk Management application

FTI today took delivery of their new Risk Management tool for Credit Unions. This desktop application allows Credit Unions to manage their exposure to liquidity and interest rate fluctuations. It will help both Credit Unions and FTI in their role as treasury consultants.

MXSweep launches MXPurifier

MXSweep, a global leader in Hosted E-mail Protection Services, today launched its flagship product MXPurifier. Developed by Dovetail Technologies, this high-performance, highly-available system handles many millions of emails per day for blue-chip companies worldwide. It was developed using .Net, SQL Server and IIS event sink programming.