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Enterprise Ireland's TechSearch site goes live

Enterprise Ireland today launched TechSearch, a new internet portal aimed at enabling Irish firms to both sell intellectual property (IP) and license IP from overseas firms to create new revenue opportunities. Dovetail provided software development for the site, including an IP auditing tool, patent and IP search tools, and a marketplace watch utility. Overall site production, including design, content acquisition and project management, was done by Inspiration. Silicon Republic covers  the new website and our applications in more detail. The Sunday Times also featured an  article on this new EI initiative on 18 September 2006 (caution: TIF format, 899Kb)

Sunday Business Post carries article by Dovetail

Yesterday's Sunday Business Post carries a two page article written by Dovetail director Martin Wallace. In Paying the Price Online in the "Computers in Business" magazine, Martin describes the ins and outs of doing eCommerce in Ireland, and covers banking issues, third party payment processors and regulatory issues. As this is a mainstay of Dovetail's work he is well placed to advise on these matters. Click here for the full text of the article.

Online quotation system goes live for LA Brokers

LA Brokers, providers of discounted insurance policies, today launched their innovative online quotation engine and application system. The innovative system, designed and developed by Dovetail, is helping LA Brokers to drive down insurance costs and offer greater discounts to the Irish market.

LA Brokers commission new online quotation engine

LA Brokers, Ireland's leading discount life assurance brokers, today contracted Dovetail to build an online quotation system for its new website. The system, to be launched in May, will provide instant quotes for all the leading assurance providers; it will generate application forms and take electronic payments. It will be built using C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server, XML, XSLT, Javascript, CSS, and XHTML.

LUAS Smartcard celebrates first birthday

The LUAS Smartcard was launched one year ago this week. This project has been a great success for the RPA (Rail Procurement Agency), using a custom sales and fulfillment system provided by Dovetail. And to celebrate the success of the project, for one week only, the Smartcard will be sold at a cut-price of €7.00. Go to the eCommerce website delivered by Dovetail and buy yours today! (This offer is now closed)