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MPO Ireland go live with two new developments

MPO Ireland, manufacturers of CDs and DVDs, have put two systems live this month that have been developed by Dovetail. One is a barcoded label printing system that has eliminated costly human error when shipping product. The second manages the various security-controlled artifacts created in the manufacturing process. This month marks a year of successful partnership with MPO, in which Dovetail has continued to delight the client by delivering solutions that work.

Rail Procurement Agency awards Dovetail new software development contract

The RPA (in conjunction with Connex, the Luas operator) has contracted Dovetail to design and develop a new online sales and back-office ticket management system. The new system will allow employers to easily purchase Luas tickets for employees under the TaxSaver commuter tickets scheme, while reducing workload for Connex staff. This second win underlines the success of Dovetail's first engagement with RPA.

Rail Procurement Agency's LuasSmartCard Phase II goes live

Today RPA took delivery of their system to manage LuasSmartCards and their registered owners. This will provide benefits to Luas customers in the event of SmartCards being lost and stolen whilst providing the RPA with tools for maintaining an authoritative database of distributed cards. This is Dovetail's second successful project with the RPA.