8 August 2014 | Custom software, News

Builders’ holidays, a visit to IKEA and a Tender completed

Author: Mossy Breen

The title would suggest we’ve had a very busy week this week, and you would be right. We’ve done it, however, with only half the work force.

John & Tom├ís have gone on holidays (not together … we think), and Greg has bid farewell to Dovetail for some time off before returning to college. As a result, it’s been quiet in the office.

Martin has been burning the midnight oil on a tender for a new line of business application (bespoke software) for a major player in the Utilities sector. It was submitted today, and he can now breathe a sigh of relief after a solid effort of writing (nobody likes writing THAT much).

Crayfish party in DovetailMossy and Trevor partying like it’s 1999

Trevor visited IKEA Southampton earlier this week. He was attending a project kick off meeting to build on the success of the Swipe a Surprise pilot. He also brought back some hats and songbooks from an upcoming Crayfish party. Better not show them to Pinchy.

I have been continuing to work with Dawn, Tanya and Julie in GVS on an upcoming version of the Gift Voucher Solutions application.

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