Financial analysis tool for FTI

FTI is a specialist treasury consultancy based in the IFSC in Dublin.  It provides treasury consultancy to financial institutions, corporations and government bodies in Ireland and abroad.


To help FTI provide a fuller service to credit unions they retained Dovetail to develop a tool that credit unions could use to perform their own liquidity analysis and risk evaluation.


Dovetail worked with FTI to specify and design the tool before building it to the agreed specification.  The tool is a desktop application connecting to a database.

Success and Benefits

The tool streamlines the process by which FTI brings value to its customers. This allows FTI to operate faster, more efficiently, reduce errors, and quickly demonstrate their value to their customers.

Risk analysis tool
Risk analysis tool
FTI logo
FTI logo



Technologies used

Microsoft WinForms, SQL Server, graphing, desktop installation

Business needs met

Financial analysis, data visualisation, process automation, data import and export