Inland Fisheries Ireland Fish Stock Control System

Inland Fisheries Ireland is a government agency with responsibility for the management of fish stocks in Ireland.  The management of angling licenses and catch data was a burden to IFI (then the Central Fisheries Board). 


Dovetail developed a web-based database application and supplied eCommerce facilities for the Central Fisheries Board so that it could digitise its Salmon Rod Licence sales and issuance. 

The system also stores all angling catch-records and that data is used to manage Ireland's valuable sports fish stocks.

This system, developed in ASP.NET and SQL Server, allows the public to order a licence from a website.  Behind the scenes it provides comprehensive fulfilment and dispatch functionality to the staff in each Regional Board (it was rolled out nationwide).   It also provides comprehensive reporting on license sales, log book returns etc.

Since the success of the original project, the system has been extended and it is now used by Licence Distributors (such as angling shops) throughout the country.


Inland Fisheries Ireland Angling Licence Sales and Records System
Inland Fisheries Ireland Angling Licence Sales and Records System


Inland Fisheries Ireland

Technologies used

ASP.NET, SQL Server, mobile, QR Codes.

Business needs met

Licence management, licence publication, records-keeping, distributed in-house eCommerce, multi-branch extranet, public eCommerce, fish stock control, fisheries management