LUAS real time information on iPhone and Android

The Rail Procurement Agency runs Dublin light rail system, LUAS.  RPA launched a mobile app to provide valuable travel information to its passengers, 


Dovetail built an interface with the LUAS Real Time transit sensor information system, providing Real Time Luas Forecasts to its customers via mobile apps developed by Dovetail.  We built secure interfaces with the transit system, processing over two million messages a day, translating this proprietary format into transit-standard packets.

This data was then accessed from Dovetail-developed iPhone and Android apps.

This project comprised:

  • Secure interfaces with private transit systems
  • Processing over two million real-time messages per day
  • Translation of proprietary messaging to industry standard (“SIRI”) API for third-party access
  • Development of a SIRI server and client
  • Provision of API for iPhone, Android,
  • Provision of API for Dublin City Council’s and NTA’s sites
  • Design, build, support and manage native iPhone app
  • Design, build, support and manage native Android app
  • Design, build, support and manage native iPhone app for the visually impaired

Due to the implementation of the system, Luas Real Time traffic is now available on multiple platforms for the convenience of customers everywhere.  On the days after its launch, the Luas iPhone App app quickly became the number one downloaded app in Ireland.

AppStore/Google Play downloads are here:

LUAS iPhone App on the AppStore
LUAS iPhone App on the AppStore


Rail Procurement Agency

Technologies used

iOS Development, XCode, Objective-C, Android Development, Java, C#, .Net, SQL Server, Microsoft MSMQ Queuing, SIRI, RealTime apps

Business needs met

Transport, Passenger Information, Mobile Apps, Real Time Processing, Integration