19 May 2017 | JavaScript, Tech

Angular, timezones and Datetimepickers

Author: Murilo André da Silva

Recently we developed an angular application for one of our Multinational clients with the purpose of helping them to manage accommodation,…

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6 October 2016 | JavaScript, Tech

Custom JavaScript parser vs Jison – Our experience

Author: Tihomir Kit

  We recently announced QuickDBD, a simple product we made for drawing database diagrams by typing. If you take a…

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23 October 2015 | JavaScript, Tech

Should you use Angular2 in production?

Author: Tihomir Kit

Recently we had a small debate about Angular2 and what the benefits and pitfalls of using it for a project…

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25 October 2011 | Design, JavaScript, Tech

Some things I like this week

Author: Mossy Breen

Here are some things I like this week. Broad category here: Designs, Art, Libraries. I know I’m just linking here,…

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