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Consulting, IKEA Kiosks, Ektron upgrade and Gift Vouchers

Author: Mossy Breen

We’ve been working hard with a lot of our existing clients (CIS, IKEA, FSAI & Gift Voucher Solutions). The summer…

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UML Diagram for IKEA Family Kiosk Platform
25 June 2014 | News, Tech, User Experience Design

Improving the experience for touch and mobile input

Author: Mossy Breen

How to Simplify Input with Steppers. I’ve always been a fan of Luke Wroblewski. He simplifies UI and input problems,…

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Improve touch UI with steppers

Dublinked RTPI conference, new office chairs and more IKEA work

Author: Greg Shiel

Apologies to our regular readers for the absence of a blog post last week. I imagine it left a big…

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RTPI Dublin
10 January 2014 | News, User Experience Design

¡Feliz Año Nuevo! – Bird’s Eye #20

Author: Mossy Breen

Firstly, welcome to 2014! I hope you don’t mess up any dates on forms over the next few weeks, as…

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Dovetail News
4 July 2013 | User Experience Design

Why is UX as important as SEO?

Author: Oliver Hynes

As someone who is relatively new to the facinating world of I.T. and development, I have noticed how important SEO…

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