26 June 2015 | News

Changeover day in the fishtank

Author: Trevor Jobling

We’ve had a lot of fun with Pinchy the crayfish over the years. He amazed us with his prehistoric anatomy and we were fascinated by his molt. We laughed at his antics as he clambered around the tank. And he really challenged us when he laid eggs (though even that event failed to correct our casual use of masculine pronouns).

Look how big he got:

Pinchy in his travelling clothes

Unfortunately Pinchy’s leading attributes were his appetite and his hunting. He ate all our fish bar two insomniac zebra danios. Since the loss of our pleco the tank became a quiet, overgrown, sad looking place – one into which we were unwilling to condemn any more fish.

Well that all changed this week. Goodbye Pinchy, hello bala sharks!

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Thanks to Shauna’s Pet Shop for helping find a home for him.

p.s. I see he’s on Shauna’s Facebook page currently and somebody is talking about gumbo…Pinchy about to leave

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