3 January 2017 | DevOps

Deploying .Net web apps to AWS Elastic Beanstalk using Octopus Deploy

Author: Tihomir Kit

AWS + Octopus Deploy

Happy New Year! Here is a small 2017 present from Dovetail to everyone.

We normally use Azure to host the apps we make. The whole build and deploy with a single click process using TeamCity and Octopus Deploy is in place and it’s trivial for us to add new projects to this pipeline.

Recently however, one of our clients wanted to host the .Net web app we’re building for them on Amazon Web Services (AWS) because that’s where the rest of their infrastructure is. Naturally not too many people host their .Net apps on AWS because MS Azure feels like a more natural fit. This meant it was a bit harder to find a fast and easy way to automate the deployment process to AWS through Octopus Deploy.

Anyway, we found this kind of half-baked solution (thanks!) on GitHub, made a few modifications, wrapped it up in a nice Octopus step template and made a pull request to Octopus library. 🙂

The template got accepted and can now be obtained from their library.

We hope it might help someone else and save them some time in setting the whole thing up.

Also, here are some more resources about deploying .Net apps to AWS which we found interesting.

codeproject.com – AWS deployment with octopus deploy
AWS docs – awsdeploy.exe tool
Octopus discussions – AWS elastic beanstalk
Octopus discussions – Modifying machines in environments to support AWS autoscaling
Octopus discussions – AWS beanstalk deployment using octopus deploy

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