28 February 2013 | Events, OpenData

Dublin Hackathon

Author: Martin Wallace


On February 24, policy experts, data owners and technical specialists gathered in the historic Wood Quay Venue for International Open Data Day.

The event kicked off with an open discussion amongst all present.  Projects were suggested and bounced around, before small teams were assembled and work began.

The event yielded several interesting systems, including:

– an Open Data Finder for the public to make and track data requests, by Peter McCanney‘s team

– the first spike of a Healthcare Dashboard, focusing on hospital waiting time, by Sara Burke, Garrett Heaver, John O’Brien and Conor Byrne

– a map of Ireland’s political constituencies and voting histories, visualising the influence of each constituency’s influence on election outcomes – akin to the US concept of “swing states” – by Robin Cafolla‘s team. (Check it out here.)

There were many other projects too and you can see them at the next Open Data Meetup on March 7.

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