12 June 2017 | News, Tech

Integrating ARCGIS Online maps for CIS

Author: Tomas Forde

Construction Information Services (CIS) is the leading supplier of All-Ireland Construction Leads, and it recently launched a new mapping feature for its flagship CIS Online product.

This new feature allows CIS customers to see the exact location of project leads.

The system uses the ARCGIS Online platform, provided by ESRI Ireland, to securely store and display spatial data for each project.

Dovetail had a central role in developing this functionality and was responsible for integrating the ArcGIS platform with CIS Online and backoffice features. The project included:

  • Realtime synchronisation of CIS Project leads with the ArcGIS platform using the ArcGIS Online API
  • Adding secure maps to CIS Online and to backend researcher systems
  • Secure integration of an ArcGIS Online application into CIS Online
  • Using the ArcGIS Online Javascript API to project Irish grid coordinates to longitude and latitude.
  • Backend functionality to assist the research team to verify the location of project leads.

CIS Ireland is one of Dovetail’s most established clients and it celebrates its 45th birthday this year.

“We have trusted Dovetail with our critical systems since 2007. Dovetail’s philosophy is based on “partnership”. They consistently deliver high quality solutions for our business and I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

– Tom Moloney, Managing Director.

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