23 January 2012 | Mobile, Tech

iPad auto-rotating some images

Author: Tomas Forde

We recently came across an issue on a customer website where a photo appeared correctly on most browsers, but was rotated ninety degrees when viewed on the iPad. The photo even showed up correctly on the Windows version of Safari.

This was puzzling us; why would one browser decide to rotate a photo when all others displayed the same photo correctly?

On further investigation, we discovered that this was because of the EXIF metadata stored in the photo. The camera, when taking the photo, saved its rotate setting for the photo in the EXIF metadata, and the iPad browser was just applying this rotate.

So the simple solution is to remove the EXIF metadata from the photo. This can be done using an application such as IfranView, or an image compression website such as PunyPNG. We used PunyPNG, and the reduced image now displays perfectly on the iPad.

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