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16 May 2018 | News

Taking it handy on the LUAS

Author: Martin Wallace

Passenger ticket inspections on the Luas are about to get a lot faster! Dovetail has been awarded the contract to…

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30 January 2018 | News

Dovetail’s noble quest

Author: Trevor Jobling

I just came across this quote attributed to Alfred North Whitehead (Mathematician and philosopher. 1861 – 1947) “It is a profoundly…

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Alfred North Whitehead
12 June 2017 | News, Tech

Integrating ARCGIS Online maps for CIS

Author: Tomas Forde

Construction Information Services (CIS) is the leading supplier of All-Ireland Construction Leads, and it recently launched a new mapping feature…

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Dovetail News
25 May 2017 | News

Selenium not shutting down when running automated protractor tests with TeamCity. Fixed.

Author: Murilo André da Silva

In the last couple of weeks Kit and I have been working on how to integrate automated tests into the QuickDBD…

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19 May 2017 | JavaScript, Tech

Angular, timezones and Datetimepickers

Author: Murilo André da Silva

Recently we developed an angular application for one of our Multinational clients with the purpose of helping them to manage accommodation,…

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