29 August 2014 | Cloud Computing, News

We’re on slack, but we’re not slacking off

Author: Mossy Breen

We’ve started using slack. Do we really need another way to communicate besides email, im, sms, fogbugz? Apparently.

I had seen Slack over a year ago, and thought, nah, surely we’ve enough ways to communicate already. But it has actually proved quite useful so far. Yes, it’s another realtime chat app.

Where we have found real value is in the different channels (rooms). We have created channels for each of our clients, so relevant discussions about client projects can be kept. Context matters when it comes to adhoc information, so this keeps the right stuff in the right place. It’s searchable, which is really handy to find old conversations.

We have places for our structured data like: specs (Google Docs), support cases (FogBugz), and project management (Teamwork). Slack fills the gap for unstructured ahoc conversations. Conversations that might come in handy in the future.

What we’re up to this week

Dovetail office GEC

Martin is working with CIS this week. He’s been tasked with migrating their server infrastructure from a dedicated physical server to an Azure virtual machine. Cloud rocks!! He was also specifiying some salesforce and sharepoint integration as the guys in CIS are evaluating both tools to improve their workflow. Martin has also been working on an eTender for the Transport industry.

John is working on the final tweaks to the GVS voucher system before we go live with a new version very soon. As mentioned before, the new version takes advantage of responsive web design, which will make the user experience much better for clients on mobile and desktop browsers.

While Trevor is away on Holidays (The south of France mind you, swit swoo!) I am taking over the project management of IKEA Family Kiosk project. Tomás is working on this with me and we are creating lots of new functionality for an upcoming release of the IKEA Family Kiosk system for the UK and Ireland.

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