14 February 2014 | Custom software, News

The Bird’s Eye View: Issue #21

Author: Greg Shiel

Hey, I’m Greg. I’m in Dovetail as an intern. I’m required to perform a 6 month work placement as part of my Computer Science degree and Dovetail were nice enough to take me on. I’ve enjoyed my first few weeks here, everyone has been very patient and helpful as I learn the ropes. Anyhow, that’s the awkward introduction over!

Late last year, Dovetail worked on integrating Aramark’s EDI interfacing system, called eCPL, with their new Oracle Financials system. Last month, Aramark went live with Oracle Financials, and the eCPL integration was very successful!

This week, Trevor worked on an internal audit for ISO 9001 certification, and is looking forward to the upcoming external audit. Tomás worked on integrated ticketing for Dublin Bus. They hope to be able to release the new cards and renewals in 2 weeks. Meanwhile, Mossy, Martin and John worked on one of the final iterations of the FSAI calorie counter, and are looking forward to it going live.

I worked on an internal project to automate SMS alerts. We’re using Clockwork as our SMS provider. A project’s success seems to be almost entirely determined by the greatness of its name, and I deliberated on what this project should be called. I chose what I thought to be a good name only to be informed that company policy is that projects be named after birds. I think I’ll give it 24 hours before renaming and see if ornithologists discover any new species of bird and name one after my project.

Dovetail are thinking about expanding into the crayfish business. Pinchy of issue 13 and issue 15 fame isn’t looking too healthy. So get in touch if you fancy some relatively fresh crayfish. This recipe looks nice.

Finally, and sadly, we’re saying goodbye to John this week, as he is finishing in Dovetail and preparing to move to Australia. He will be missed by everyone.

Garrett, John, Ollie and Martin playing Pool in the PalaceLeaving drinks for John. We started in Yamamori noodles for food, and finished in The Palace (as usual) for some “friendly” pool.

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