26 July 2013 | News

The Bird’s Eye View: Issue #9

Author: Oliver Hynes

You know when you’re on holidays and you ring home to get all the scandal? Then your Mam tells you the weather is terrible, it makes your holiday that little better? No? Just me? Well, I am just back from holidays and all I heard from back home was how great the weather was. Tomás and his family have just left on their holidays in Galway, and I really hope the weather continues for them. 

As many of our loyal followers will know, Dovetail won the IIA Web Developer of the Year 2011. Once again, Dovetail was nominated for an IIA Net Visionary Award this year. Last week, we were informed by IIA that Dovetail has been short listed for our work recently, especially our work with IKEA on the IKEA Family Kiosk touch screens.

Net Visionary Awards 2013

Before his departure, Tomás finished his work on the CIS backend publishing application (“Eolas”). He has completed and published functionality so that iCIS customers will also be able to view the latest public sector tenders for the whole island of Ireland.

Mossy completed the YModem work for Rennicks Data, which is now working smoothly and retrieving street sign statistics remotely for local councils to access and analyse. This is another great project for our ITS catalogue.

Mossy and Martin completing some additional Leap Card integration for the RPA. We wanted to implement a userfriendly way for HR departments/admins to upload and crop photos for the new Leap Cards.  They combined jCrop and ImageResizer to achieve what we think is elegant functionality.

Leap Card

Mossy also worked on polish and content with CIS and Vroom SEO to put the final touches in the new CIS marketing site. The site is nearly ready to go live, but we have some work to do on the iCIS product so we can put all changes live at once.

Something interesting, especially those who have spent any time trying to wade through eTenders.gov.ie looking for public tenders, is TenderScout. We think it saves a lot of the time spent looking at tenders that are of no use to you.

And back to weather – now there’s thunder and lightning outside. The cycle home won’t be fun!

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