30 January 2015 | Intelligent Transport, News

Plants, Cameras, Action!

Author: Gerard O'Keeffe

Well there it went, January has been and gone and it has been quite the adventure here at Dovetail. We haven’t had the chance to post a blog recently as we’ve been ‘snowed under’ (bu dum tish!) with work. This week we’ve had to say farewell to a dear friend of ours. Mossy made the brave (and slightly rash) decision to humanely put down the office plant. 

Mossy Plant Life

Unfortunately, this was met by jeers and taunts and now Mossy’s ‘on the hunt’ for some brand new office plants. Drama aside, we’ve all had a busy few weeks.

On top of various fixes on different systems, John has been working on a new feature for Gift Voucher Solutions and has been updating LUAS websites for PCI compliance by changing the payment system to accept payments on hosted payment pages.

Mossy has been working hard on a new allergens feature for MenuCal which will be launched in the coming weeks. He is also launching a new feature for the FSAI website next week, which should hopefully help both staff and customers of the website.

Trevor has been out and about on a tour of the Dublin City Council traffic control room, kindly organised by ITS Ireland www.itsireland.ie. Check out the action shots below.

Trevor Jobling at Dublin Bus control room undefined

Tomás has been building snowmen and in his spare time has been working on adding function to help CIS identify and rectify duplicate company data in their leads database.

Martin’s been busy working with Mossy on an Allergens add-on for MenuCal, on the new national Lobbyist Register and some upgrades for Luas TaxSaver system. He also spent a good part of the week interviewing, which can only mean one thing… We’ll be announcing some new team members very soon.

I’ve been doing as all good interns, getting involved with various projects and honing my developer skills.

That’s a neat, little summary of our on goings. Have a great weekend and we’ll see you all back here soon for the grand unveiling of our new Dovetail crew members.

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