Internet of Things - IoT

In the last few years we’ve seen a great deal of demand for IoT projects. We cover the whole software stack from the field gateway to the user.

This includes:

  • Working with your embedded systems team to define protocols and implement security
  • Data acquisition & storage
  • Visualisation, administration
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Machine to machine communications
  • Mobile and Web apps
  • eCommerce

Please check out our Case Study for a plasma-based air-purifying unit which is being deployed across hospitals and nursing homes in the US.

Amongst the technologies we use are:

  • Azure IoT Hub
  • AWT IoT Platform 
  • Time-series databases, such as InfluxDB (an Open Source database to which we contribute) and big data databases including Hadoop 
  • Angular, React, and many visualisation suites
  • Zigbee, Z-Wave and other network protocols
  • Android, IOS and Windows 10 mobile applications

Nearly every industry has the possibility of being disrupted by IoT. In order to be part of the future, organisations will have to invest in these technologies.  And Dovetail is here to help.

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