IT Strategy

We can help you develop an overall plan to guide your use of technology into the future, one that you can have faith in. This typically includes:

  • Clarifying the business objectives
  • Deeply understanding your current business processes
  • Review your business's current technology, applications and resources
  • Examine how external forces may affect your business e.g. what do savvy customers expect today?  Are you meeting their demands for mobile computing?
  • Analyse how new technologies and trends may affect you.   What opportunities do they bring?
  • Performing risk analysis
  • Writing a plan that will support your business to achieve its objectives with defined controls on cost and quality
  • Putting a structure in place to monitor the plan and manage its execution

We have worked with some of our clients since 2003, so we bring the experience we have gathered working long term with them as well as from running our own businesses.