User experience design

The term user experience is relatively new to Ireland, but the core values of user experience have been around for a long time. The impact of UX design is across all industries, not just in software development.

IT solutions are only as good as the use they get. This is true for a simple website as it is for a million-euro ERP system. If the users don't engage with it, and use it to it's full, money is being wasted.

We understand this from years of experience, and our dedicated user experience designer is responsible for ensuring that systems are inviting and easy to use.

The benefits of a well designed application:

  • Clear communication of your message (on websites)
  • Improved customer retention (on websites)
  • Increased productivity (in applications)
  • Reduced human error, and costly corrections (in applications)
  • Increased user/customer satisfaction
  • Increase in perceived value by customers
  • Reduced support costs

We have applied our user experience design and practices on our Touch screen projects, mobile apps and web applications.

User experience improvements